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Transfer and Refund Policy

Transfers or refunds will be issued upon written request through the first day of the activity and prior to the second meeting, minus a $5 administrative fee. A refund or transfer cannot be granted if by doing so results in below minimum registration causing cancellation of that activity. Memberships to the Oakwood Community Center, Health Center and Gardner Pool are not refundable or transferable.

Transfers* or refunds** will be issued upon completing a “Request for Refund/Transfer” form prior to the second meeting of any activity. Sorry, no transfers or refunds will be made after that time. A full refund will be issued if the activity is cancelled by the OCC due to low enrollment.

*Transfers may be made to any activity published in the current quarterly brochure; a $5 administrative fee is charged at the time the transfer is made.

**Refunds will follow the Finance Department’s payment schedule which may take up to 21 days. There will be no cash refunds and a $5 administrative fee will be charged.

All prices in this brochure are believed to be correct. However, if a typographical error occurs, the price listed at the OCC Business Office prevails.